Gnomeratron (Blue Vortex)

$200.00 - Sold out

Image of Gnomeratron (Blue Vortex)

Important information: Wait times vary a lot. Right now, they're more months than weeks. You can order a pedal, but just know it'll be a while. There's the coupon code DEPOSIT if you want to just pay half right now, and you can always get your money back if you get sick of waiting.

If you'd like to just make a 50% deposit, use the coupon code DEPOSIT at checkout. I'll get at you when your pedal is ready for the rest.

This is the Gnomeratron. It's a two-stage fuzz with a clean blend. It can oscillate. It has an octave-up circuit. It's firmly in the "not for everyone" category, which makes it perfect for you. Or not. I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life.

It's available in three versions: Standard, Zero, and Mini.

The Standard version has extra controls along the side to control the gain of the clippings stages, fuzz output, and clean blend; as well as switches for hard/soft clipping (no no diode clipping at all), oscillation, and a dying battery simulator (often called a "starve" by people aren't tedious).

The Zero moves those extra controls inside the pedal. It's for folks that just want a simple clean-blend fuzz, or that just want something with less controls for their pedalboard.

The Mini is basically a Zero, but everything but the two volume controls and the gain control are on the side. It does lose the ability to feed the clean blend into the fuzz (the "Magic" switch), the starve control, and the "off" position for the diodes. But it's much smaller and maybe less likely to have had some knobs move between sessions.

All Gnomeratrons come with brightly colored graphics covered in scratch-resistant and basically unbreakable (not a challenge) polycarbonate faceplates. They also have a "even if you bought it used and broke a switch because you were drunk" warranty.

They run on standard 9V, center-negative power supplies. The same as basically every other dirt pedal. I know someone on Talkbass convinced you to try to run everything at 18 volts for "headroom" or something. Don't. For the love of whoever you worship/pray to/text "you up?" to, don't.