Gnomeratron Mini V3

$150.00 - Sold out

Image of Gnomeratron Mini V3

Expected wait time is about 6 weeks-- but I'm me, so things happen.

If you already bought a Gnomeratron V3 or Zero from me, hit me up before ordering and I'll give you a one-time discount code for the bundle deal.

Use discount code GNOMEBUNDLE when you buy two Gnomeratrons for a $30 discount!

Dark option is tuned a bit darker-- similar to a Russian Muff.

This is a somewhat limited early pre-order for the Gnomeratron Mini. The Mini is the same circuit as the every other Gnomeratron in a smaller housing. It has Fuzz and Clean volume and a gain control on the face, and there are 4 mini switches and 3 mini pots on the side. Switches are: Octave, Scoop/Flat, and the two diode switches. Pots are: Tone, Gate, and Clean tone. Inside, there are high/low gain switches for the clipping stages and the fuzz and clean outputs with trimmers to define what "low' gain is. There are also jumpers for hard or soft clipping, oscillation, and clipping diodes for the clean blend.

They'll have the same scratch-resistant polycarbonate graphics as the bigger pedals.