Gnomeratron Zero

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Gnomeratron Zero

Important information: The guts of these pedals are pre-made, but still have to be put in their enclosures with graphics and such. I try to ship weekly, but it might take a little longer than that to get your pedal out.

This is the Gnomeratron. It's a two-stage fuzz with a clean blend. It can oscillate. It has an octave-up circuit. It's firmly in the "not for everyone" category, which makes it perfect for you. Or not. I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life.

The clean blend has a tone control to remove highs, a gain control, and switchable clipping diodes. It can be used as a parallel distortion or just a way to get clean low end with the fuzz. If you don't like clean blends, the Magic switch uses it as a boost for the fuzz.

The "Zero" version of the Gnomeratron omits the extra gain controls and side switches of the regular model. As a result, it's cheaper and a little more pedalboard friendly. The extra controls are inside the box, as jumpers and trimmers. You can largely emulate the effect the gain controls with the top gain control and diode switches, but the diode mode switches are pre-set internally. You can change them, but you have to open the box to do it.

All Gnomeratrons come with brightly colored graphics covered in scratch-resistant and basically unbreakable (not a challenge) polycarbonate faceplates. They also have a "even if you bought it used and broke a switch because you were drunk" warranty.

They run on standard 9V, center-negative power supplies. The same as basically every other dirt pedal. I know someone on Talkbass convinced you to try to run everything at 18 volts for "headroom" or something. Don't. For the love of whoever you worship/pray to/text "you up?" to, don't.